Tomorrow night, I will be in a car on the way to New York. I am so excited! I have been before but it has been a long time. One of the things on my list is to see Rockafeller Center at Christmas. There is just something about New York at Christmas. I will be taking a short roadtrip with my native roomies. We are going for a birthday party but we are also going to see some of their friends, family, and just a little sight seeing for the southern girl 🙂 And it really will be a fast trip. I mean, we are a bit crazy to drive 20 hours round trip for a weekend. But it really will be a fun time. A great memory. And thats what it is about, right? Making memories and being spontanious when you can. I try to live by that. And everyone is always telling me to do these things while I am single. So, I better take them up on it and take advantage, right? Plus, who can say no to the city that never sleeps?? Stay tuned!rockefeller-center-picture11