Duke vs. UNC

Duke vs. UNC

3 plates of turkey, 2 Christmas trees, a football game, an afternoon of blowing and raking leaves, and about 4 naps later, I am back to work and back to reality. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was pretty great! I apologize for the lack of pictures on todays post. I will upload them in the very near future.

I have discovered as I get older, the more and more I enjoy hanging out at home with my parents. I spent all of Thursday and Friday just hanging out with them, cooking with my mom, decorating and doing yard work with my dad. It was great to just hang out around the house and enjoy a few days with no agenda or any type of schedule. I saw some of the siblings as well although it was mostly just Thanksgiving when they were on lock down at the house. I also took the pup home with me. My family absolutly loves when I bring Bogart. They couldn’t believe how much weight he had lost. He really looks like a new dog! 

Saturday was my busy day. I had a hair appointment, the Duke/UNC football game and then dinner with the girls. It was a really great day. The game was FREEZING COLD and we got rained on a bit. But in the end, my blue devils let me down…28 to 20. But the first touchdowns were awesome! After we had walked a mile to the car in the rain, all we wanted was some soup. So Panera it was! We had a great time planning our next excursion in the summer and just catching up on life. It was really great. Then the cherry on top of the weekend had to be lunch at the Caldwell’s house. The baked spaghetti was amazing. I headed back to Charlotte and the roomies and I decorated the house with my Christmas decorations. We put up the little tree and just hung out.

I had a great time. It went by way too fast. But now it is Christmas time, my favorite holiday! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!